BFMC – City Chic Suit Silkie

Hello dollies!

Welcome to my first blog post!

I am very excited about this new chapter and I promise I will do my best to deliver new content every week.

On today’s doll menu we have City Chic Suit Barbie – a silkstone doll from 2016 Barbie Fashion Model Collection (BFMC).

Here are a few details about this lady:

She was released in june, 2016. The designer was no other than Robert Best. Her body is articulated silkstone and her head mold is vintage silkstone. The doll is gold labeled, wich means no more than 10.000 were made.

It was among the first articulated silkstone dolls, how cool is that?

I got this lady last week as a gift for my recent accomplishment. I recently reached 10K followers on my instagram account. It may sound cheesy but reaching 10.000 followers on instagram was a big surprise for me.

This is my second time buying a silkstone doll. My first one was Proudly Pink Barbie, wich I got last year. I remember how skeptical I was about silkies a few years ago. It was the beggining of me collecting dolls as an adult and silkies seemed so unaffordable and unfriendly for me, especially because it was hard to swallow the intensity in their look and the vintage mold (I still have that issue with Integrity dolls). But after a few years of self education, I learned so many things about Barbie, including decades, face molds, designers, history and so on. I still have a lot to learn though, but I am forever excited to find new stuff about the doll who marked my childhood in the best way possible. So after I figured out what I want from my collection I got more and more interested about silkstone dolls. I remember my reaction when I saw the news about Miss Proudly Pink being released. I knew from that moment that she will be my first silkie. And so it was. I still have a few ladies on my list and I really hope to get them this year as well.

Miss City Chic Suit was on my radar since last year but only now I decided it’s time for me to finally get her. So let’s take a look! Even though she has a simple outfit with less details, her beauty is undeniable. I fell in love with her skin tone, because I absolutely adore african american dolls. I think she is very special because of that. I love her amber eyes and her bold blue/purple eye makeup. Her nails are painted red and so are her lips. She’s wearing her hair styled in a long bob. Should I mention that it’s softness overload? It’s always a pleasure to unbox Silkstone dolls, such a lovely almost luxurious experience. Her outfit consists of several pieces. She has an elegant blazer with ruffled chiffon lapel and underneath you can see her sleeveless dress. The top of the dress is also covered in the same chiffon. Her outfit is completed with a pair of blue stiletto heels as you can see in my pictures down below.

I really hope my photographs do her justice. I’m so happy she is part of my collection now, even though I know she’s not a favorite among collectors due to lack of accessories and details but for me she is just perfect.

If you wanna see a little more of her, I have prepared a short IG TV video for you guys. Just go straight to my instagram profile @dahlia.dolls and you will find it.

I hope you enjoyed my short first blog post. I usually tend to write a lot, I think you already know that from my instagram captions but what can I say, I like talking.

See you all next time with a fresh new blog post!

Kisses, D.

10 thoughts on “BFMC – City Chic Suit Silkie

  1. I absolutely love this first blog post! I love hearing your opinions about dolls, especially the Integrity Dolls, an opinion which I relate to. I can’t wait to see more blog posts. I am especially excited about the interviews with fellow Dollstagramers! πŸ’•


  2. Hello! Welcome to the bloggers world. I’ve found you through Instagram, I’m @monster_crafts. I’m glad that you’ve decided to make a blog, they’re great to talk more in depth about a subject. Although they seem to have lost a bit of the popularity they had back in the day, there’s still a really active group of bloggers on the platform. I’ve had mine for over 7 years and I have no intention to quit anytime soon.

    Your doll is very beautiful and your photos really highlight her beauty. I agree, her skin tone is beautiful, and her outfit really compliments the skin. Just like you, I wasn’t very fond on silkstones at the very beggining. Although I don’t actively collect them, I did buy one a few years back, Tout de suit, but she’s still in the box.

    Wish you the best of luck in your new blogging adventures.


    1. Thank you very much for your sweet words! And yes, having a blog it’s not that popular anymore but who cares? As long as I enjoy doing it! Kisses cutie! ❀


  3. Hi dahlia I’m Laura from Zafiro_Mexicana πŸ™‚ I just read your post, it’s good to know more about this girl, so beautiful and so blue. It’s good to know more and I hope to have her one day. Congratulations!!


  4. Hello, dolly! 😻

    Congrats for your awesome blog and for this new Silkie-gorgie!πŸ’™
    Love, love it and I just can’t wait to see your next post!😻😘



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