Travelling with dolls

Hello dollies and welcome back to my little blog!

Travelling with dolls is a very fun thing to do (at least for me, haha). I did it last year for the first time when I took two of my dolls with me to Thasos, Greece. It was really sweet to have my plastic companions with me.

Right now I am super excited and you may already know why, from my instagram. We’re going to the seaside tomorrow! Yay me! But that means I need to start packing asap. That includes dolls as well, because yes, I want to take some plastic ladies (and gents) with me again. This time I want to be prepared for everything. Wich means that it’s mandatory to have all the stuff I need in case I want to do a little photo session on the beach. Last year, I only had my dolls and some clothes, and it wasn’t enough for a proper photoshoot. At least not for 2020 me… So, I guess this time my dolly bag will be a little bigger. That’s why I decided to share with you my little checklist, in case you are going on vacay soon and need some inspiration.

A little disclaimer. This is just a sugestion and it doesn’t mean that this is the right way to pack your dolly bag. This is just how I like to do it. You are always free to do everything your own way and style. Love love love!

So, first things first: The dolls!

This year I decided to take five dolls with me. Three girls and two boys. For the girls, I am using the plastic tube from my Color Reveal Barbie, because I don’t want their hair to get messy and tangled while on the road. The boys don’t have rooted hair so it’s safe to just put them in my dolly bag. The plastic container can hold easily three dolls wich is great! It’s exactly what I need and I totally recomend using this tube if you have it.

Next on the list: Doll clothes & accessories!

I am always preparing my vacay outfits before packing. This helps me prevent overpacking. Know that I haven’t always been that smart, hahaha. Now I’m doing the same for my dolls. I have already picked some clothing items that I want to use. For all the clothes and small accessories I am using an empty chocolate tin box, because I don’t want to lose anything. I had some sad experiences with losing Barbie shoes and accessories so now I have to make sure that every item comes back home with me.

Next on the list: The camera and all the related stuff

This is quite basic, I’m not doing anything special. I just take my camera, two lenses, the battery charger and a small tripod. These are a must whenever I’m travelling, regardless if I take my dolls with me or not. I’m in love with photography since highschool, and that’s way before I’ve discovered #dollphotography (hehe).

Moving forward with the list: Props & accessories

In here, I’m gonna include all the stuff I might need to create a little scene for my dolls (and remember we are going to the beach so I need beach related stuff). And by that I mean: beach chairs, at least one floatie, some beach rugs, a bucket (in case my dolls would want to go on a seashell hunt), some dogs and other miniatures I might need.

Next on the list: All the stuff I absolutely need behind the scenes.

And I am talking about a small hair brush, some clear elastic bands, a pair of scissors and many balloons. I ALWAYS (and I really mean it) have a barbie hair brush by my side when I take photos. Frizzy hair in pictures (unless it’s intentional) it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate seeing dolls with frizzy hair, haha, so I always have a small brush with me.

Balloons! I’ve discovered recently that I can use balloons to make dolls swimsuits. How cool is that? I’ve been doing it quite often lately so ofcourse I need to have some ballons and a pair of scissors with me.

This is pretty much what you can find on my dolly travel bag. It’s really simple, I don’t like complicated things so I try to keep it simple in every situation. Travelling with dolls is all about having fun so don’t stress to much. I can’t wait to admire the sea along with my dolls.

Let me know if you like to travel with your dolls and what can I find in your dolly bag. Hope you are enjoing what’s left of this crazy 2020 summer!

See you on the next post!

Love you guys,


One thought on “Travelling with dolls

  1. Absolutely amazing blog dear . I really enjoy reading them and I absolutely Love them 😍. Really appreciate the way you pack dolls and their stuffs . Those reveal your passion and love for the dolls .


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