Being on #dollstagram makes me happy!

Hello pretty dolls!

Wellcome back to my little blog.

So, before I will tell you what this is all about, here’s a short story:

I’ve been on dollstagram for one and a half years now and let me tell you it was such a crazy beautiful ride so far. And I am pretty sure it will keep getting better, because when you do something with passion, beautiful things will come to you. But way before I found out about dollstagram, back when I was just a doll collector, I was already obsessed with instagram (those who follow me on my personal account @blonde.dahlia and saw my feed, already know what I am talking about). Instagram can be such a beautiful, inspiring and educational platform if you know how to filter the information that gets to you. It’s my favorite social media platform! So, a few years ago (I think it was 2016) I started my own fashion & beauty blog and it was such a nice thing to do at that moment, because it fulfilled the need of expressing myself. But somehow it didn’t last because having a fashion blog involves many hours of street style shooting, and it was the begining of me as an architecture student (and I was also working part time as a sales assistant at Bershka) and that pretty much consumed all my free time. Yet I always knew I wanted to have a space, a blog or an instagram account where I can share my passion for aesthetics. That combined with my passion for dolls and photography led to @dahlia.dolls. Now, in this very moment, after more than a year of being active in this community I can truly say I’ve found my niche. And I am here to stay!

There are a few questions that I constantly get on instagram:

Do you have any tips for photography? How can I grow on instagram? What are you using for lightning? How can I make my feed look beautiful? Where do you get inspiration from?

So, I thought why not make a few blog posts about these topics, since people ask me for advice. Sharing is caring so I am more than happy to share my experiences with you guys. I want to make a series of blog posts about instagram and all the things I do for my platform. I want to share with you my personal set of rules and how I like to do things.

The topics will be:

1. Tips for pretty photos

2. Tips for a beautiful instagram feed

3. Tips for editing photos/videos

4. Tips for growing your instagram

5. Tips for a #dollstagram party

So stay tunned, because post numebr 1 – Tips for pretty photos – will be here sooner than you think! And if you want to get this post directly into your mail box, just subscribe to my blog and you will never miss a post!

See you soon dollies,

Love you, D!

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