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Today, I have a very special post for you – an interview!

A few weeks ago, I asked my dear friend Gosia, from @matil_doll to take part in my new blog series – #dahliadollsinterviews. And she said yes! I can’t thank her enough for this. She is my first guest, yaaay! Gosia is such a talented photographer and a truly wonderful and kind person! Dollstagram is a much more better place because of her beautiful photos. She is a person I look up to everytime. I was really happy when she agreed to answer my questions. We talked about dolls, photography and dollstagram. So, if you want to find out more about the woman behind @matil_doll, then keep on scrolling!

All the pictures from above belong to Gosia © – @matil_doll – PLEASE DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Thank you!

Me: When did you discover dollstagram? And how?

Gosia: It was my Dear Friend @dollsofmine.05 (who I know for 15 years now!:) ), who showed me Dollstagram – through her account. It was December 2018 and it was my first contact with Dollstagram. I was super surprised about her activity here at first and at the same time – I was so curious about it!

Me: I think I already know the answer, but I want to ask this for my readers. How did you come up with your account name – @matil_doll? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Gosia: When I finally decided I want to start my activity in Dollstagram, I had real trouble with my account name! 😉 I wanted to use the name of someone who already has been a doll lover – my beloved daughter Matilda. The idea was that when You say „matil_doll” it sounds familiar, like the name „Matilda”. Or at least – it was supposed to;)

Me: Can you tell me something about the first time you photographed a doll? Like when? And what doll was it? And how did that make you feel?

Gosia: Oh I remember that day very well!:) it was March 2019, about 3 days after I bought a mtm curvy Barbie doll, mold Joyce (my first doll in adult life!!;) ) – she was supposed to be a gift for someone, but I just couldn’t resist to open the box. „It is not a crime” – I thought;) After I got her out, I took a few photos of her by my phone camera. I added some filters to these photos and I was amazed how realistic these photos looked like – for me they seemed like photos of a woman. That was the moment I decided to start doing something about it;)

Me: As you may already know, in our community, we are mostly adults and young adults. Do you think age is an impediment when it comes to collecting dolls/playing with dolls?

Gosia: My experience in doll collecting as a kid was, well… none at all, so from my point of view – adult age is perfect for that hobby (as for any other). First – we know what we like and why we like it and second – quite obvious – we are finally able to collect anything thanks to our financial abilities.

Me: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start a dollstagram account but is afraid of what others might think?

Gosia: Yes, only one – please don’t waste your time and energy on thinking of what others may
think, life is simply too short for that. We should do things that makes us happy (well, as
long it is not hurting anybody;) ). There are so many fantastic people in doll community who would support you in any moment of hesitation – You couldn’t choose a better hobby! 😉

Me:Whenever I see a mother I see a full time super hero! I know you have 2 lovely kids. How do you find time for your dolls while being a mom? Are your kids interested in your hobby?

Gosia: Thank You so much!:) I must admit it is not easy to find this perfect moment for photoshoot or crafting, so I learned that… I just can’t wait for the perfect moment 😉 I use literally every spare time. I take photos while we are having fun (when I take my dolls out of the box – so does Matilda and my son Nicolas is taking photos of Lego at the same time;), while we are on a walk or during our vacation. In Autumn and Winter, when there is less daylight useful for photos – I take photos also at late evenings, using studio lamps. Yes, I am tired sometimes, but I love it and when there is a will – there is a way, that is my motto.

Me: What inspires you to take such beautiful photos and how do you come up with all the ideas?

Gosia: The inspiration can come from literally anything. Sometimes it is an image I see in the
magazine, a colour I am fond of, a song, movie, story told by someone or something that is
happening in my life at the moment. I am also thankful for dollworlds creators and
designers (Your work inspires me constantly) – doesn’t matter if it is a piece of furniture, a piece of clothing or accessory. And last but not least – I get inspired by other doll- and
toy photographers, you are all so creative and talented, it is such a pleasure to interact with you!:)

Me: You will soon reach 20K followers on your instagram account! That is absolutely amazing, my dear!  Are you planning anything special to celebrate this amazing milestone?

Gosia: Haha, as a realist I would say that I can’t be sure about that numer and only time will show;) but If I will reach it, I would love to celebrate it a little with You! I am thinking of a photo game/challenge we all could find useful after it ends, but more details soon. 😉

Me: What was your first Barbie doll, as a kid? Do you remember?

Gosia: Well, that is quite sad but I had only one Barbie doll as a kid and I have no idea what doll was it! She had Superstar facemold, my dad got it for me in Germany. She had pretty short hair, that made her different from others and I loved that about her.

Me: Do you have a favorite Barbie decade? 

Gosia: Yes, I love Mackie mold and the most beautiful dolls with that mold were produced in late
90s and early 2000. I have five dolls from that era and I love every single one.

Me: Do you have a favorite Barbie doll in your collection?

Gosia: Hard question! In general – no, but if I had to take one on a lonely island – that would be my Ava – Phillipinnes Barbie from Dolls of The World series.

Me: Besides Barbie, are there any other doll brands that you like?

Gosia: Although I didn’t expect that at the beginning, I am finding true beauty in fashion dolls from Integrity Toys. I always thought they are too fancy, too posh for me, but as I started to look at photos of their collectors – I must admit I fell in love with some of them. I am exploring this collection, still a total rookie, but already got few of them – and I can’t wait for their photoshoots. These doll require different angle and style, if You know what I mean – and that is great, because from everything I love most about toy photography and photography in general – is trying new things and constantly improving my skills.

My dear Gosia, thank you once again for your time and for your answers and of course, for the amazing pictures! I am really happy you shared some insights with us! I am sure my readers will appreciate the time you took for this interview. If you want to take a look at her mesmerizing instagram account, click here.

Dear reader, I hope you liked my first interview. This is the beginning of something new – #dahliadollsinterviews and I am looking forward to the next one.

See you next Friday, with a fresh new article!

Love you!


2 thoughts on “Chit chat with @matil_doll – #dahliadollsinterviews

  1. I am new to doll photography but have had photography as a hobby on and off throughout the years. I am so fortunate to have discovered dollstagram in March of this year. There are many wonderful, helpful and talented people all over the world. I am inspired by your account and others. Thank you for the articles and beautiful photos. ❤


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