Tips for a beautiful #dollstagram feed -PART II – This is what I do

One of my biggest pleasures in life to create. Playing with my instagram feed is one of my favorite things to do and if you follow me on @dahlia.dolls, or even on my personal account, @blonde.dahlia, you already know that. I know a lot of you don’t use a theme or don’t care about the look of your feed and that’s totally cool, we are all different and it’s perfect. BUT I LOVE TO DO IT. I like to think that my instagram feed is a canvas where I get to paint my work of art day by day, by adding a new piece to the puzzle. Some people think that having a certain feed theme can be limiting but if you’re into instagram aesthetics like I am, you won’t feel that for a second. Because I love to do that! I can still have top notch quality pictures and stories and create a wonderful overall feed look at the same time. You just need practice. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now. So much that is has become the only way for me. I don’t know how to do it other way, and I don’t want to, that’s why it’s so easy for me to talk about this. Before I go deep into the subject I want to mention my two HOLY INSTAGRAM RULES:

1 – HAVE FUN and DON’T DO ANYTHING FOR THE NUMBERS! Do this because you want to, because you like to. Create a beautiful feed because you want to. Because you feel that call. The moment you’re doing this for the numbers, it’s the moment when it can become limiting and stressing and frustrating. Don’t chase followers. Chase your passion and people will follow.

2 – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! For me, it’s really important to deliver quality content. I am constantly trying to improve my photography skills. And even though I am working on the overall look of my feed, that doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention to my every post. Every piece of the puzzle has to be top notch. From the message behind it to the photographic style and image processing. And I don’t follow any other standards but my own. I set my own standards. That’s when you don’t compare yourself to others. Your only competition is YOU.

For this post, I will use my own feeds (@dahlia.dolls & @blonde.dahlia) for exemplification because I can only talk from my own experiences. Here’s all the things I do for my instagram feed. So take a look here and scroll to read all about it.

1. I like to use a layout theme. As you can see, every row has three pictures of the same doll. Even though in some pictures it may appear with other characters as well, the row is focused only on one doll. I showed you different grid layouts in PART I of this post. See it here.

2. I like to add a little diversity in my pictures. I like to drop a portrait picture or a close up every now and then. I think it would be very very monotonous to only have outfit pictures or to only have portrait photos, don’t you agree? So I like to play with my camera’s zoom lens quite often. I also like to add diversity by using different backdrops. Sometimes you see me using my diorama, sometimes I use a glitter background but in the same color range as my diorama.

3. I love to color coordinate the elements in my photos. I did that with my Christmas 2019 theme, as well with my green, blue and purple feed. Sometime it can be challenging, I know, but I like to challenge myself every time. And I absolutely love the result. When I did that one of the results was +5000 followers in less than 2 months. And all I did was creating something I genuinely love. When I don’t want to color coordinate the elements in my photos, I simply use a repetitive background or color in order to add continuity to my feed. See the three feeds down below, where I didn’t used color coordination. I think the overall look is still on point because I had a repetitive background/ color.

4. I like to use the same preset. For every feed I create, I like to use one single preset. I usually make my own presets in lightroom, just to add a little more uniqueness to my photos. There are many apps with beautiful filters that you can use. You just have to find the one that fits your main idea.

5. I like to plan my feed. I usually take my pictures during the weekend because that’s when I have alot of free time. So, after a photo session, I will edit my pictures in LIGHTROOM and then I like to use PREVIEW APP to upload all my photos and play a little with my feed before posting anything. Preview App is a wonderful tool for an instaholic like me. They also have some amazing filter packs that you can buy and use. I’ve been using this app for more that 4 years now. I even got featured on their profile for this theme I created in spring 2018. I used a combination of two presets from one of their packs. Planning my feed ahead also helps me when the weather is gloomy and I don’t have enough light to take pictures, because it prevents me from running out of content to share. STAAAHP!!! Can we take a moment to look how tiny was Milo back then! I can’t deal with all the cuteness!

6. Sometimes I cheat on my feed! Yes, you read that right! As you may know, in our dollstagram community, events may happen. YAY! I love our doll events so much! And usually, there is a dress code that demands using a certain color. If that color won’t match with my feed, I will probably make a carousel where the first photo will match my feed and the next photos will match the party theme. Smart, right? Heheh! xD

So, let’s do a recap. Choose a grid layout. Add diversity to your pictures. Color coordinate if you can or use a repetitive color/background. Use only one preset/ or the same combination of presets. Plan ahead when you can.

But please remember that your feed will never look the way you want if you’re not having fun. Don’t do anything for the numbers, I can’t tell you this enough. Do it because you want to. Take your time to create what you want. There is no right or wrong with creativity. Have fun playing with your feed! I know I’m having a lot of fun! Down below I will upload some examples from my personal account.

I really hope you liked this article. I hope it helps if you are into instagram aesthetics like me. Let me know in the comments down below if you like to play with your feed, I’m really curious.

Love you all!


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