My 2020 Christmas wishlist

Hello beautiful dolls!

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Is it too soon to mention the C word? Maybe, I don’t know. And who can tell? Next weekend we are celebrating Halloween so we still have more than a month left till December. but time flies so fast, don’t you agree? What I know for sure is that I can’t stop thinking about the most magical month of the year. Just close your eyes and visualize this. You, your family and your friends gathered around the Christmas tree. The house is beautifully decorated. Carols are playing in the background. Outside is snowing and it’s freezing but the atmosphere inside is warm and cozy. The house smells like mulled wine and cinnamon and the table is filled with delicious foods. Everyone is happy to be together to celebrate the birth of Christ. How beautiful, Am I right?

And like every year, I like to write a little Christmas wishlist. I said it people, I said the C word! There’s no way back now! MUHAHAHA!!! Of course, there are more important things than material gifts but let’s do this for fun, ok? And to be honest, writing a wishlist often helps my family and friends when they need some ideas on what to get me. I also like to ask my friends and family for their wishlists, just to make sure they recieve something they really want.

This year was crazy. We all know that. One of the things that kept me sane was of course, playing with my dolls. Dolls make me happy, that’s for sure. So if it’s not obvious already, every year, I put a few dolls on my Christmas wishlist.

So, my 2020 doll related Christmas wishlist looks something like this:

First and foremost, this Christmas I want to buy my first Integrity Toys doll. I am not sure which one I want but I got a few in mind so there’s that. I really want to expand my dolls collection and mostly to explore other brands as well. I will make a full review on her, when time comes, for sure.

I wish for a 2020 Holiday Barbie! It doesn’t matter which one. I love all three the same so I’ll be very happy to get at least one.

I also wish for the 2020 Holiday Playline Barbie. I would love to recieve the blonde one.

I wish for the 2019 Barbie Advent Calendar. I don’t really like the 2020 one, but the 2019 one is perfect. I love all the little surprises in there.

I also wish for some Christmas related Barbie fashion packs. I really love the 2019 ones.

I would also love to recieve some Made to Move Barbie dolls – Just because I am always in need for new flexible bodies. So new mtm dolls are always welcomed.

I would also love to buy myself a new shelf for my dolls because the one that I have now is to small for my collection so I would love to have a bigger one. And I want to decorate my so called doll room so yes, a bigger shelf is needed.

And that’s pretty much it. It’s actually a decent wishlist as you can see. Other than dolls, I really love when I recieve makeup stuff or Christmas charms for my Pandora bracelets or fuzzy socks and ugly Christmas sweaters. I love to recieve gifts, I love to buy myself gifts but I also love to give. Nothing makes me happier than giving. But above all my wishes, my biggest one is for this pandemic to be over. I wish for every human on this planet to be blessed with health and love. And I wish for peace on Earth. Health, love, kindness, peace, compassion, acceptance – these are the most important gifts someone can recieve/ offer.

Hope you liked this week’s post. Next week, I’m going to show you how I decorate my diorama for Halloween.

I’m curious, what’s on your 2020 Christmas wishlist?

Love you!


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