Happy Halloween!

Hello beautiful doll!

Wellcome back to my blog!

Before you start reading, please press play to the audio down below for an enhanced experience.

Song: Until Dawn (Original Soundtrack) – 10. Mike And Jessica – Piano Part (This is my favorite PS4 game ever – perfect to play on Halloween)

Just an innocent girl, wandering around a haunted house. What will she find? Who is watching her? You will never know.

Oh my God you guys, what a crazy week I just had! Everything was on fast forward this week. Many exciting things are coming this way, so yes, this was a busy week for me. I can’t wait to share all the amazing stuff with you, but we all have to wait just a little longer for that. Today’s blog post will be short, mostly because I need to do some adult stuff like, cooking, cleaning the house and taking care of the laundry monster from our closet. Last night I finally managed to decorate my diorama for Halloween. And in today’s short post, I want to show you how it looks. I used a different filter this time, just to add a little spookiness to the pictures. This year, I wasn’t so invested in Halloween, I don’t know why, I even used last year’s decorations. I think it’s because I am already planning my Christmas Party and my Christmas dioramas and I didn’t had enough energy to make something big for both celebrations. My first #dollstagram party was a Halloween party, that took place last year, but this year I didn’t feel the call to host another one. Instead, I want to attend all the amazing parties that will take place this weekend. This year I will host my first doll Christmas party so maybe that’s why I wasn’t so active this Halloween.

Hope you liked today’s short post. I promise, the next one will be more interesting!

I wish you a very Happy (and spooky) Halloween! Beware of the wicked witches!



6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I loved this blog and the music was a definite bonus. It’s eerily beautiful. I don’t think a blog has to be long to be interesting. This was very interesting to read and I’m excited for your Christmas party! You did a beautiful job on your Halloween diorama! Thanks for a fun read and peek!


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