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It’s November! Which means I have a new interview for my #dahliadollsinterviews series! Yaaay! This month I am having a very special guest, a very talented and hardworking guy, @adrian.dollslife.

First of all, I would like to thank him for taking the time to answer my questions. I know he is very busy with his Dolls Life Magazine so I am very happy I got the chance to interview him. We talked about instagram, copy cats and of course, his amazing magazine project that gets us all excited every month.

So, take a comfortable position, grab a cup of tea and your favorite doll and enjoy my new blog post.

All the pictures in this post belong to @adrian.dollslife so please don’t use them without permission. Thank you!

Me: When did you discover dollstagram? And what made you start @adrian.dollslife? 

Adrian: I discovered Dollstagram back in 2018, around February. I had always been amazed about the realism of doll’s photos on the internet, but I had never tried doll photography before. The reason all this adventure started was all because of Adrian, a Ryan Doll who is the main character of my Instagram account @adrian.dollslife. I had always wanted to have a Ryan doll, but as a boy, I was not allowed to (I didn’t even dared to ask for it!). I have never been too much into Barbies in my life; they have never been my thing to be honest. However, when I saw Ken’s best friend, Ryan, back in 2010, I said to me one day I would have one like him. That joyful day came many years later, in January 2018, when I got to buy my first Ryan doll. It was a second hand doll, and his face was a complete mess, full of pink makeup and red lipstick, so I cleaned it up very gently, and after two days of doll self care, it was good as new! I was so excited about having him at last, that I decided straightaway I wanted to share his little doll life, so here we are now…

Me: Can you give us an insight on the person behind @adrian.dollslife? 

Adrian: Of course! I am a very normal guy, a bit shy should say, with a great passion for toys and miniatures. I love art and everything related to it, and although I don’t have a great photography knowledge, I always try my photos to be as artistic as possible. One of my favourite things is telling stories, something I always try to achieve through my photos.

Me: Is your doll Adrian, inspired by your own life? What inspires you to create such lovely stories? 

Adrian: I would say yes and no. Most of his thoughts and feelings are inspired by my own life, as if he were the mirror where those thoughts and feelings are reflected. However, his everyday adventures are all part of the storyline of his “doll life”. I like to keep both things separated, just as we separate reality from fiction. This way, I can be inspired by things from my own life and transform them into something that happened to Adrian in his doll life. I think dolls are more than just for playing; they can portray a social responsibility too. Through our dolls’ photos, we can give a message; they can have a meaning, and sometimes, this message can help others to feel better, learn new things, or just see things from a different point of view. That is one of my main goals with my Instagram account: to bring some happiness or enjoyment through my photos to everyone who might come across them.

Me: I know you run an online magazine and let me just tell you how amazed I am by the amount of work you put in this project. What made you start this magazine?

Adrian: Thank you so much. I am very grateful for all the support I am getting for my magazine project from many people in the Dollstagram. The idea of creating “Dollslife Magazine” came to my mind on a very random day. I was amazed how strongly the Doll Community had come together during these difficult times, and how our lives had been full of wonderful events week after week to help us to get through our routine of not leaving or houses. The bound that has been created among all of us during those months has been quite strong in my opinion, and it has allowed us to virtually meet new people and make new friends in the Doll Community. So when we were all allowed to “come back to our lives again”, I was a bit concerned about this bound eventually disappearing, so I said to myself “Why not create a collection of the most highlighted events in the Doll Community, month after month, and present them in a magazine form? This way, the sense of all belonging together to Dollstagram would not banish with time…”. I was sure I was not the first person to put a magazine going on in Dollstagram, and I actually had no idea how to do it to be honest. But that didn’t stop me, as the idea of creating something for this Doll Community, that has given so much to me during all these past months, was stronger. After studying the many different ways of making a magazine, and with the invaluable help of very good friends here in Dollstagram, last July finally came to live the first issue of “Dollslife Magazine”. Since then, I have tried to improve my magazine issue after issue, creating a blog for the magazine to make it easier to be read, and also creating little magazine printables at doll scale, so dolls can now read the magazine too along with their owners.

Me: Do you remember when I told you about my interviews? I was so scared because it was such a coincidence and I held back my idea for over a month because I didn’t want you to think I was copying anything. Do you think people can come up with similar ideas?

Adrian: I remember it! And it was so funny when you told me, as in my head I was like “I am not the only one who has thought about making these online interviews, so actually that might mean it’s not that bad idea what I am doing!”. I remember I told you straightaway to go for it after you told me. We all should support each other in our initiatives, as we should always build bridges, not walls. I think because our Doll Community is so wide, it’s completely normal more than one person can come across with the same idea. And that is great in my opinión! To me, it means that Dollstagram is working as it should as a community.

Me: Now let’s go a little deeper into this topic, because I know you have discussed this with your followers as well. Do you think that taking inspiration from someone can be seen as copying? 

Adrian: I remember this was one of the topics of my “In Conversation with Adrian Dollslife” section, and this theme was actually one of the most popular ones so far. I think taking inspiration from others is one of the best things of Dollstagram. We are in his community because we love to admire other people’s photos, and getting inspired by someone’s photos is one of the many good things of being in this community. It’s a kind of double feedback, as not only do you get the satisfaction of getting inspired by others, but  others can get the satisfaction of seeing their photos have transcended and served as inspiration to others. To me, the idea of your photos being the source of inspiration to others to create their own, makes me feel honored. However, there is a very tricky point where inspiration finishes and copying starts, in my opinion. And when that happens, it’s not fun. I have discussed this with my followers, and most of them agree about this point: copying what you think is a good photo or idea doesn’t help you to develop or improve your photography skills; what really helps you to grow as a doll artist is to try create something new after you got inspired by that certain photo or idea. Coping what you think it’s good doesn’t make your material good either. Unless the purpose of it is to create an exact reproduction of that certain photo, which it can be a very difficult task, I don’t see any fun just for the sake of copying. It’s a dead road in my opinion.

Me: Stealing – We see this happen very often in our community. What do you think about people stealing other people’s work? Do you have any advice on how we can prevent that? 

Adrian: Unfortunately, this is something that happens and it will be happening forever. I am completely against the fact of stealing any people’s material. It has happened to me, as well as to many other people here in Dollstagram, and it’s not the best experience. Specially because we put so much effort in our photos, so much dedication and hard work, we don’t want them to be used by anyone as if they were theirs. Nowadays, Dollstagram is doing a great job about this matter, as now people report profiles which steal other accounts photos and contact the person whose photos have been stolen from to make them aware of the stealing. I think keeping an eye in this respect is something we all can do to prevent it from happening. Also, watermarks are proving to help to quickly identify the owner of the photos in case they were stolen, so my advice would be use watermarks in your photos as a first barrier against thieves. I would recommend trying to add your watermark somewhere in the photo that is difficult to remove and in a visible place. Being so, if someone wants to remove your watermark, that photo will end up being useless for them.

Me: How did you feel when you interviewed Carlyle Nuera? He is such an important figure in our doll world. I personally love his designs. 

Adrian: I was shocked. Genuinely. The possibility of having a testimony from him in my magazine is still hard to believe for me. He is a genius. I admire him so much. He is a great artist, an amazing designer, and a very talented doll stylist. Everything started because I was interviewing @kosmothedoll for my magazine about his new doll creation, which was a mini me rendition of Carlyle Nuera, a gift he was planned to send to Carlyle. After interviewing him, I texted Carlyle himself, and we were talking a bit about his new mini me doll, sharing a few of his thoughts with me. I have to say he was extremely nice letting me include some of his impressions about his new mini me doll in my magazine, coming along @kosmothedoll interview. When he gave me the green light for this idea, I could not believe it! He is one of my most admired doll designers, and having the opportunity of including some of his thoughts in my magazine was something I would have never believed it could happen. I will be forever grateful and honored for it. He was very happy with how the final work turned out in the magazine after its release. If you are interested, you can find his interview at Dollslife Magazine, Issue Nº2 August 2020, page 4.

Me: How many dolls do you have in your collection? Do you have a favorite? Besides Adrian. xD 

Adrian: I have to say, though initially everything started with Adrian, the “Dollslife” family has been going increasing little by little in the last two years. I haven’t count them all, but I can tell you I have quite a few dolls nowadays. The good thing for me is that every doll in “Dollslife” family has its own kind of personality or characteristics, if we could say that. Every single one of them has something that distinguishes him/her from the rest, so it’s difficult for me to pick one among all of them. Although Adrian is my favourite one, and forever it will be, there is another male doll which was recently added to my collection and which has been a favourite one for me for many years. I can’t wait to present him in Dollstagram, though he is not ready yet. He lacks a Made To Move Ken body, so until I got one for him of his right skin tone, I resolved for him not to be officially introduced. He is very special to me, and he deserves the best possible introduction in Dollstagram I can make for him.

Me: Besides doll photography and storytelling, do you have any other hobbies?

Adrian: I do. I love doll crafting, and making little things for my dolls. I consider myself a quite creative person, and I enjoy recycling different things for my dolls. I like to think I am helping the planet somehow this way. I also love listening to music and dancing, something I have missed so much during all these months.

Me: Do you have a message for my readers? Where can they find you?  Where can they read your magazine? 

Adrian: I don’t consider myself important enough for this task, as my account is quite humble and I don’t have that many followers as some of the bigger accounts in Dollstagram, so I don’t see myself as a referent. However, if I should give a message to your readers, I would say be always true to yourself, enjoy what you do, and never mind the odds. Follow your instincts, learn from those who know more than you, and always help those in need. Together, we can make Dollstagram a better place to be, if that is even possible, as it is already such an awesome place! If your readers are interested, they are more than welcome to visit my “Dollslife Magazine” blog at , give it follow, or visit and follow my Instagram profile @adrian.dollslife, where they can share with Adrian and his friends Samuel, Vivian, Eliza, Gabriel, Raquelle and Brenda all their adventures in their little doll life. 

Thank you so much for reading! Thank you once again dear @adrian.dollslife for your time!

Please stay safe, I know the situation in most countries is not pink so please stay safe, wear your mask and avoid crowded places.

Love you so much!

See you next Friday!


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