Christmas Diorama Reveal

Hello dollies!

Welcome back to my little blog! I hope this letter finds you safe and in a good place!

As you may have seen, last week I didn’t post anything here and that’s mainly because I am really busy with work and with house chores. As the Holidays are approaching, I am slowly cleaning the house, putting all those Christmas decorations up and so on. After all, I need to decorate my house as well, not just my doll’s house, right?

But fear not, because that won’t happen very often. I will try to be here every Friday, with at least some words for you.

For today, I have prepared you a before and after for my Thasos inspired diorama. I think you may have seen already that it went through some major transformations. My plan was to be more responsible with my resources so I tried to save some materials and use what I got, in order to make a suitable Christmas/Winter scene. I am really happy with the results and all I had to buy was the fake snow, some trees and some new small decorations. Everything else was already in my inventory.

I also would like to mention that the paper decorations were made by @paperinadoll, a very talented artist that you can find on instagram. She made me some custom Christmas decorations for my upcoming doll party. I can’t wait to show you how I’m going to use those. The whole diorama is made by me. Some accessories are bought, but everything was put in place by me.

So, no more words, here are some before and after pictures for my new Christmas/Winter Scene. For more before pictures & videos, you can check my instagram page because there’s plenty of content there.

And now, for the big reveal, here are some after pictures. I really love it!

Now, if you want to see how I did all this transformation, I made some stories that are saved on my account, at the highlights section and the highlight is called TRANSFORM. You can find all the details there.

I hope you liked today’s post. I can’t wait to start sharing Christmas pictures and enjoy this wonderful season with you guys.

Love love love you!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Diorama Reveal

  1. Beautiful job!! I agree that the red is so much better than the brown. The whole thing looks amazing! I really enjoyed watching it come together on your stories. I hope you got some sleep!


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