Barbie Fashionistas Advent Calendar

Hello dollie,

Welcome back to my little blog!

In today’s post I want to tell you a little bit about my self made Barbie Fashionistas Advent Calendar. I am a Pandora jewelry fan for some years now and of course, I am following some Pandora related accounts. And there was this girl in the Pandora collectors community – @pandorobi – and her husband gave her an advent calendar filled with Pandora jewelry for 2 or 3 years in a row. Ever since I was thinking how cool would it be to recieve an advent calendar filled with dolls. So I had to make that happen.

So, in today’s post, I will tell you how this idea came to my mind. Mostly because I got such an amazing feedback so far and many questions about how I managed to do this. Well, everything started in August, before our trip to the seaside. I found the latest Barbie Fashionistas dolls in our local supermarket and I bought 6 dolls. I didn’t had time to unbox them right away, because I was busy packing and we had many things going on so I said to myself “I’m going to unbox them when we come back home!”. I usually like to unbox my dolls when I have enough time to actually enjoy the moment. I really want to enjoy the unboxing experience to the fullest. I love the smell of a new doll, it takes me back in time, and there are many little things like this that bring me pure joy. So I decided to wait until I’ll have more free time.

A few weeks after we got back home from our vacay, my dear Ada from @papusile.mele told me that she is selling some boxed Fashionistas. The dolls I bought before our trip were still boxed so that’s when I said to myself “Now is the time to make that advent calendar!”. I wasn’t so sure if I can make this thing happen, because I wasn’t sure if I can find and buy 24 Fashionistas before Christmas. So, by October I had around 16 dolls. Ada sold me some amazing Fashionistas, most of them are from the first waves, which is amazing, because they have become pretty rare now, and they’ve been on my wishlisy for a long time. And shortly after that, a fellow collector listed for sale her entire Fashionistas collection. BOOM! Or better say BINGO! I had some savings, the lady also made me a very good price so I bought a lot of 16 boxed dolls from her! 16 dolls! Crazy! So, before December was here, I managed to get more than 30 boxed Barbie Fashionistas. I am so happy I made my dream come true. Especially because most of them are from 2016/2017.

And no, you don’t need alot of money to do something like this. You can buy dolls the whole year and save them for Christmas. I did that since August. At first, I wasn’t sure if I want to share this advent journey, because people tend to judge alot, and I didn’t want people to think that I’m bragging. Cause that’s not my intention. I am not a rich person, I work for what I have and I like to spoil myself every once in a while. Besides that, every month I set a budget for dolls and for crafting supplies and I try not to cross that line. And you can make this advent calendar using clothes, accessories and so on.

But I like watching unboxings and I am always curious about what other collectors buy so I thought that maybe you will like to see my advent journey too. And to be honest, the response to this was overwhelming! You guys smashed my notifications! And I am so happy you feel my excitement. This was a gift from me to me this Christmas. I love the Fashionistas line so much and I really hope that one day I will have them all.

That would be all for today loves! If you want to see what doll I will reveal every day, you just have to watch my reels, every day, until December 24. On December 6 (St Nicholas Day) and Christmas Eve the gift will contain 4 dolls. When all this will be over, I will make a post to show you all the dolls from my advent calendar. So stay tuned!

I wish you all a wonderful & magical December! See you next Friday!

I send you all kisses and hugs!

Stay safe!


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