A little gift from me to you – @dahlia.dolls Christmas Card 2020

Hello love,

Welcome back to my little blog!

Today’s post is a short one. I have a small surprise for you and your dolls. A Christmas card in both real size and miniature! I made a printable with a Christmas card as a sign of appreciation for all the love and support you show me everyday. It is a little bit impossible for me to physically send a Christmas card to all of you so I had to come up with something. It’s not much, but I made it with love and I hope you like it. You deserve so much more than a Christmas card for all the kindness you show me. I am forever grateful to have you here! I hope I’ll never disappoint you and I promise to always come up with beautiful content. You deserve the best!

If you want to print my Christmas card, you just need to download it from here. I have two options for you, a jpg format and a pdf format. Choose whatever works best for your printer. Both formats are in this transfer link – https://we.tl/t-WIh478GBZs.

If you print my Christmas card and use it, you can tag me in your picture on instagram and I will make sure to share it.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! See you next week with a new post.

Love you all so so much,


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