My 2nd #dollstagram anniversary!


It’s been two years since I decided to join #dollstagram! These are the first pictures I took for my account. And I made my first post on January 3rd, showing you my new Totally Hair 25th Repro Barbie. She was my first signature doll. I remember how happy I was when I got her.

I still can’t believe how fast time flies! The doll world brought me so much joy, ever since day 1. I made friends that I can’t wait to meet in real life, I got rid of a lot of stress and anxiety and most of all, I got rid of those nasty panic attacks I had three years ago, my life just got better, because I learned to focus on the bright side, no matter the amount of money in my pocket, no matter how bad is the weather outside. This hobby also brought me many opportunities. Of course, I had many bad days but there was always this sparkle of hope knowing that my camera and my dolls are waiting for me. It’s so good to have a hobby that makes you forget about all the problems of the world.

My first year on #dollstagram wasn’t so active as the second one. It took me about six months to actually tune in. At first, I thought that people will just show their collection, just like I wanted to, but then I discovered stories, parties, dioramas and a whole universe in miniature. That enlightenment moment happened in August 2019. Ever since I was constantly trying to create my miniverse. Crafting became a constant in my life. I still remember my first diorama. Take a look at some pictures I found on my phone from those days… I also miss my pink haired Millie so much! I need to buy her again soon. Look how nice I did her hair…

And then I made my second one. This one was a piece of rainbow, hahaha!

And another..

And another… This time for my first Christmas on #dollstagram.

Then I moved on to Spring 2020.

And at some point, I was in a green mood.

And we can’t forget about my Thasos diorama, right? Summer 2020 had 2 dioramas.

And autumn 2020 was like a moment ago, right? I made 3 dioramas for Autumn 2020.

And the most recent ones are the Christmas 2020 dioramas. I made 1 porch, one interior, one store and one Christmas market house. Take a look, this set of dioramas was my favorite one.

And now, I’m ready to move on! And even though my new diorama isn’t ready just yet, I am slowly showing you the palette for my next feed theme. You know how crazy I am about my instagram aesthetic, right?

And if you haven’t figured out yet, my new theme will be black/white/silver and it will be a color coordinated theme so stay tuned if you are curious about how it will look.

I hope you liked my little trip down memory lane, or should I say dioramas lane? I had so much fun making all these dioramas, I can’t wait to see what ideas will show up in my head in 2021. One thing is sure, I don’t want to compare myself to anyone. Not anymore. This is such a big mistake, comparing yourself to others. I did that for such a long time but I promise myself I won’t do it anymore. We all have our own path and journey.

Thank you so much for being here with me! Thank you for another beautiful year! I have a feeling my 3rd year on #dollstagram will be even better!

I send you my best wishes!


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