The Best Look Doll & Gift Set – short review

Hello you,

Today, I want to show you my newest Silkstone Barbie doll. She is the first doll to enter my collection in 2021. We can say I had a good 2021 start, right?

Well, according to the Barbie official site ”Barbie® The Best Look™ Gift Set is the penultimate entry in the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection – for 2020, and for the collection itself! ”, which is really sad if you ask me. This line also includes other 3 dolls: Best In Black, Best To A Tea and The Gala’s Best. I assume the best word is a tribute to the designer of the line – Robert Best.

The Best Look Barbie doll comes in a gift set as you can see, including two outfits. The first outfit, that comes on the doll, is a two piece suit, accessorized with a faux fur collar, black panty hose, black silk gloves, a pearl & rhinestone brooch and a pair of black high heels. If you undress the doll, you can see that her upper body was wrapped in a plastic bodysuit, mostly to protect the doll from staining. She has the articulated silkstone body as you can see in my picture down below and her face sculpt is Vintage Silkstone. The second outfit is more like an evening party look composed of a black lace bodysuit, a black lace skirt, a pair of white silky gloves, a necklace with three strands of pearls, black high heels and a black silky clutch, she even has an underskirt. The clothes cannot fit regular Barbie dolls. The doll also comes with a gift box that says Barbie Fashion Model Collection, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity of course. The Best Look Barbie is a Gold Label doll which means no more than 20.000 were made.

I like everything about this doll even though she has a generous amount of product in her gorgeous red hair. I don’t like to alter the original look of a doll, especially a silkstone, so the hair product doesn’t really bother me, because after playing with her, I will put back the hair net she came with and she will stay in her box until next play, I don’t feel the need to restyle her. I love that she comes with several clothing items so playing dress up with her is a true pleasure. There are many combinations possible. She can be an elegant lady but she can also be a sultry mistress waiting for her lover in the middle of the night. Her nails are painted red and she has a soft grey makeup. When I look at her I somehow remember of Penelope Blossom from Riverdale, especially with those pearls around her neck. I am really happy she made it home to me.

Enjoy the pictures! My camera fell in love with her beauty.

Have you bought any dolls this year? Which was the first doll you bought in 2021? I’m really curious!



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