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Hello dollies,

Welcome back to my blog!

For today I have prepared a slightly different post. I feel like writing and sharing some thoughts with you. A while back I told you about my plan to come up with a YouTube channel. I wanted to do this especially because many of you asked about tutorials and that’s something I would really love to do – sharing my tips and tricks on crafting. This hobby of mine is not my main source of income. I wish it could be, but right now, it’s not. Yet I constantly feel pressured to create more content and be more present in the online space. I don’t know why. Maybe because I see all these content creators being active on all social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, SnapChat and so on. All at once! And somehow I felt the pressure that I should do the same, in order to grow a strong and healthy community invested in my content. In the same time, I don’t want to lose myself just to please others. Never ever.

I finally created a safe space for me where I can enjoy a multitude of hobbies I have – dolls, photography, instagram & crafting. So I took the decision of having only one main social media platform, and that is my instagram account. I will also keep my blog because I love blogging and I don’t want to give up on it, no matter how many people read my articles. But I still want to come up with a new type of content – video. I really want to try on that. But instead of doing it on another platform – YouTube – I will do it on instagram TV. And if I ever find myself attracted to a TikTok kind of content – I have instagram reels for that. All my content in one place! I think it’s much more easy for me to handle all my ideas and my content if I have it all in one place. And besides that, I really love instagram. If you know how to filter the content you want to see, instagram can be a very good source of inspiring, motivational and educational content.

I don’t know why I felt the need to explain myself on this matter, because probably, most of you don’t even care about this kind of stuff. But I did put so much unnecessary pressure on me, with this YouTube channel thingy and I don’t want to do this ever again. Because dolls and photography and crafting are hobbies that bring me so much joy and I want you to see that genuine feeling through my content. And not because I HAVE TO do it, but because I WANT to.

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful new week!



6 thoughts on “Decisions decisions

  1. Dear Dahlia – I just had to write to you as soon as I read this because I love this newsletter so much, I love the decisions you made and how you made them, and I admire your resolve!! I am going to save this newsletter as a reminder to myself any time I need it.

    I love this platform of Instagram too. Like you, it lets me combine so many different hobbies, especially photography and crafting, into one place. Unlike you I do not have really big numbers of followers and maybe I never will. Sometimes I get caught up in that and wonder why it is. I try to see what I’m doing wrong that my numbers stay so low. I have been on Instagram for over a year and I see many people join after me and in a few months have huge numbers. I think it is because they are also on YouTube or TikTok or other social media, and I am not. So I don’t get seen as much. I sometimes think that I need to do more, but I post something every day and really that is all I have time to do.

    Anyway enough about me. My point is that you have reminded me that it is important not to lose ourselves to try to please others. That is so true!!!! In my full time work I know that and say it to others but in this area I forgot for a little while. Thank you!! Thank you for reminding me!!

    I am glad to follow you and to have this glimpse into your world. I am glad you shared this. Thank you again. Happy Sunday!!

    Karen from @elemental_dollights XO


    1. Wow! Your comment gave me such a good energy boost for the upcoming week. I am happy you like my post and I am really happy you can relate to what I said. Sometimes we totally forget about the joy of just posting and having fun, and that’s mostly because we compare ourselves to others, which is not so great, because everyone is unique and we should never ever lose ourselves in order to please other people.
      I am really happy you love the article and I thank you so much for reading it and for being here!
      I wish you a wonderful new week!
      Many hugs to you!


  2. Dear Dahliana,
    I love your Instagram account and I’m happy with your decision… It is also easier for us, the followers, to see all your content in one (and only one) platform. You’re super wise for making that choice!
    Love from @sage_dollstory and me!


  3. Dear Dahliana , My friend I respect your decision . Yes it’s kinda tough to mange YouTube , blog and instagram, But we’re so glad that you share your creativity and doll photography with us , you really inspired me … For me you’re one of my closest friend in this dollstagram platform… We’re really glad that you’re always working hard for your passion and your hard work always inspired us dolllovers… Dahliana I want to say you an huge thanks for sharing your crafting videos On IGTV to help us for creating… Have and wonderful week my friend, Sending you a lots of hugs my friend, stay safe and be happy (and always inspire us for dollphotography) can’t wait for birthday, we both are Taurus girls Bye my bestie , take care luv u a lot my bestie …

    Your friend Saloni


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